7,000 PSOne games coming to PSP


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Jul 6, 2006
From PSPWorld.

7,000 PSOne games coming to PSP

Filed under News on Jun 29, 2006

If you've ever dreamed of playing classic original Sony PlayStation games on your PSP, you will soon get your chance. Sony is planning a PSOne emulation service, which they announced at this year's E3. The latest issue of UK PSP Magazine reports that although no release dates have been announced, Sony did confirm that up to 7,000 PSOne titles may be available by the end of next year, including launch titles like Tomb Raider and Silent Hill.

- Scythe
so you are going to download them to memory sticks or whatever? and it's emulaton? Hmm...this sounds a little like the VC
The only reason I would ever buy a PSP would be for that reason, for my favorite RPG of all time, Legend of Dragoon, was for PS1. I was silently hoping that Dragoon would find its way onto the DS, but that's completely insane. I still won't buy a PSP though (unless I come across one at a yard sale for twenty bucks).
whats the point im not gona pay for games i all ready got
were there even 7000 ps1 games? that number sounds awfully high to me, I mean there were a lot, I would think a couple thousand even, but 7 just doesn't seem right
yeah it would be cheaper to emulate the PS2 and PS1 and send those games through downloadable files as opposed to porting it to the PSP and making games and cases and books. The profit margin for Sony will be higher like this, but whatever...it still doesn't make me want to buy a one.
Well thats good for them, they already lost me as a customer however for having their games so dam expensive, i mean come on its a freakin portable system i dont want to pay $50 for each game.