A change in "basic Brawl"


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Jan 28, 2009
has anyone else noticed that the spectator mode is gone??? Not that I used this much but still, it makes you wonder what else they could change(as in add new stages!!!!!!!!) I dream of course. I'm sure patching the game with new characters/stages is something that they'd never do(even though they're willing to take away stuff which to me, is very annoying) .
Sup Rho!

And yea if they can take away stuff... It also means they can add stuff right?
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How Odd seeing you here alex. Do you still get on brawl? and yea, I'm guessing they can add stuff, but I seriously doubt they'll ever do it.
It's gone? Seriously?

This is great news. Not because Spectator is gone, but because it confirms that Nintendo is still putting a close eye on Brawl's online service. Hopefully this means they might refine some features in the future.

They can start with making in-game message-prompts of somebody interested in Brawling or something. But something tells me that Nintendo wouldn't be willing to do something like that.
Ya, I noticed that too. I thought it was only because I turned off Spectator mode, but... yeah. It disappeared a day or two ago for me.

Nintendo won't add anything, period. The game's been out over a year, and most of the stuff would need to have some for of DLC; I doubt the Wii can work like that. Ofcourse, I have no proof.
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I also think this is a little slap in the face. It's like they said " we can change stuff if we want! Look! but you won't be seeing anything added! hahahah!" Douchebags......
... That won't happen, they'd need to make patches that're downloadable via wi-fi, or entirely new disks. Neither of which Nintendo will ever pursue, that's certain.
spectator mode is gone? really? i still have it on my brawl... weird
They meant it dead.Not used much at all.I would like to join my friends when there in a basic but you cant...
Spectator mode is not gone. My game still uses it. The Smash Service only stopped people from being able to send replays and created stages. They cannot add or remove anything from a permanently burnt disc. They can stop the data being sent because they apparently programmed the game disc to do so.
Er, that's two people who didn't read every post (or atleast, the bulk of them)...

Spectator did disappear, for whatever reason, a few months back. It came back only a day or two later, though.

Although yes, you're right about stages, replays, and such no longer being randomly sent by nintendo to players.