A new game!


Jul 7, 2006
I dont know how many photoshop users there are here and it might get kinda comlicated with the uploading, but lets give it a try. You play the game by starting out with a regular unedited picture (possibly from google) and then the next person adds in or changes something using anything that can edit pictures. Continue to edit the same picture post after post until it gets way too crazy to continue! Feel free to be creative! add text, filters, give someone big eyes. the funnier the better! Ill post the first pic and for other pictures in the future: try to make it have several objects in it for maximum editability!
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well Mr_Stoukaph, do you have a paint program? If you do, use that! draw like a ufo flying overhead!
don't know but nevermind got GIMP

btw i need help someone send me a guide via e-mail or pm on how to get it running and how to use it
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Sweet game. Let's see what I can do.


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