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Dec 13, 2006
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So for a few nights I didn't have Xbox Live and I decided to play the COD4 Campaign. I came across something weird. On the mission War Pig, in the building where you can find the Intelligence, there's the teddy bear from the new Nazi Zombies map on WaW sitting on the bed. I thought this was creepy enough because I never noticed it before. Then I played the mission All Ghillied Up (or the one afterwards, I forgot if they're both the same) and at the part where you have to carry your captain to safety, there's a corridor where the teddy bear is leaned against a table leg.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is, is the teddy bear found somewhere on every map? I never noticed it before.
I've noticed the teddy bear quite a lot, if I remember correctly.
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Damn lewi, are you serious? I never noticed it before these two times. It's pretty creepy actually.
I'm pretty sure I remember them! They certainly ring a bell.
even worse, its in the modern warfare 2 trailer
look up on youtube modern warfare 2 trailer secrets or something like that
its on the map ambush too, in the middle in the rubble somwhere. its honestly just a set piece. theres no signifigance to it. you'll notice lots of replicated items in games, such as the pictures on the wall all being of the same guy.
I love it when game designers put little easter eggs like that in their games. Naughty Dog is especially guilty for that. All throughout the Jak games you might catch a glance of something refrencing Crash or Ratchet & Clank. And in Jak 2 one of the neon signs at the bar is the logo to G4tv. In Uncharted it says Ottsel on their scuba-gear, which is the species of animal Daxter is. :lol:
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I looked it up and I seen that it was started in COD2. Do all of the missions have it hidden somewhere?
I've seen it in certain missions and in tons of multiplayer maps in both COD4 and COD5. I can't remember off hand which ones though.
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oh. well if you remember, post it up in the thread. This is a pretty cool subject imo.