best first person shooter?


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Nov 18, 2006
hello. i was wondering what the best first person shooter is supposed to be for the system. i'm a big fan of goldeneye and halo. i like the multiplayer action of both and the replay value. based on this, any suggestions? red steel or call of duty 3? others?

any good games coming out in general besides zelda? thanks.
Why has Far Cry suddenly become the choice of everyone on these forums. Seems only yesterday everyone was flaming Far Cry and hyping up Red Steel. I still think Red Steel looks bloody excellent, and Far Cry looks far below average.

If you've played Far Cry before on the PC, playing this version will do nothing but make you cry. It looks horrible, and it will probably be horrible.

Stick with Red Steel, as it has the looks, the storyline, and the gameplay mechanics to make it great.
Call of duty lacks online capability from what I've read, but is extremely popular. Far cry was excellent on computer, with even better graphics than gameplay. And Redsteel, imo, should be the best overall... with many modes and many weapons. Great launch title, and very potential starter for even more fps' on the Wii.
Duke Nukem 3d!!!!!!!!!! If it is on VC... First FPS you could tip a stripper and see boobs......Back in the old days you just couldn't do that lol
Don't get Red Steel. I was extremely dissapointed :( Theres a lot of bugs, and the sword fights aren't anything like youd imagine. The entire game loses its novelty after about 15 minutes. The controls are weird. I just didnt like it, and I'm usually a fan of the FPS type games. If you've played Red Steel and liked it, then you're very easily impressed imo.

Metriod 3 seems like the best pick to me.