First Person Shooters

rails arcade light gun games does not equal that it belongs in the genre of FPS.

Imo the only 2 FPS worth bothering with on the Wii are MP3 Corruption and if you're hooked up with wifi MOH: Heroes 2
Dkw0101 said:
ghost squad if you like the arcade shooters, links crossbow, if u want a 3rd person shooter, battalion wars II

Awesome job of providing three games that are NOT FPS's.

Anyway, the only FPS worth even renting for the Wii is the MOH:H2. But even then, it's only worth playing if you can go online. The single player stinks.

So in summation, the Wii SUCKS for FPS games.

WiitnessID said:
Since res evil is a FPS and you seem to like war give BWii a try. It's like quake wars for the Wii.

Again, neither of those are FPS games.

Do I need to start a whole new thread defining what constitutes a FPS?

thas said:
actually AoWFraggit is right here. in an FPS you can see the gun but in an on rails shooter you cant. but i guess its basically the same thing minus the gun and the free walking.

That AND you have control over your character. So all rail shooters, by definition, are NOT FPS, even if you can see the gun (which you rarely can).
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brothers in arms route to road something or other is comming out soon if not allready the first one was OK
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Anyway, Wii has 2 FPS worth getting, MoH:H2 and MP3. If you really want FPS your gonna need 360/PS3.

Edit: Oh and yea, like the guy above me said, Brother in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is coming, the original (PS2) was pretty good so, its promising, it could be better than MoH:H2 as long as it has a good online.