Best First Person Shooter game


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Dec 26, 2007
I was looking at purchasing a first person shooter game for the Wii and have it narrowed down to 3 games.
Medal of Honor 2
Resident Evil 4
Call of Duty

Which do you think is better or are there others that I'm missing?
re4 isn't an fps title.

i'd have to say call of duty is the best in terms of gameplay.
the only reason medal of honor is getting any attention is because of its multiplayer...which is actually pretty disappointing compared to fps titles on other systems.
uh. i was referring to cod3.

and metroid doesn't exactly count as fps...
AoWFraggit said:
uh. i was referring to cod3.

and metroid doesn't exactly count as fps...

I wasn't referring to you at all actually, look at the OP's post.

Also Metroid pretty much is a FPS, and is a better game than Medal Of Honor Heroes 2, IMO.
some people don't count MP3: Corruption as an FPS, they consider it an adventure game, others call it an FPS, and others call is an Adventure/FPS.... whichever you prefer i guess.
alwoh said:
MoH:H2 hands down. I constantly play the online mode.

yeah that seems to be popular opinion, though for single player i think MP3:C is a much better game(if you consider it an FPS obviously). MOH:H2 was fun and the online is above average(though my skills are below), but the single player wasn't challenging enough in my opinion, only a few hours of real gameplay, maybe 10 total if you play arcade and campaign on all difficulties.
im gonna go with medal of honous 2 heroes

simply because of the great online experience,, one of the best for the wii
Warrior said:
Single player? Metroid Prime 3

Multiplayer? Medal of honor: Heroes 2


take warrior's advice. he is right you know.