Brutal Legend cancelled, OH come on EA!!


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Feb 4, 2009
Hey, what happen with you EA. I waiting this great title for Wii by the end of the year, why you cancelled the game?

Becose there's some quality issues and gliches not is a excuse!!

The developers every time trying the easy way when port a xbox360/ps3 game to Wii, I'm angry for the same thing. Why they don't put the necesary effort and built a quality port to Wii?

Making a game from the ground for Wii is not a good choice every time, is demostrated that porting DIRECTLY to the Wii have better results if the developer team put huge effort than making from the ground. First the graphics looks better as close the HD versions and all the isuess like frame rates, gliches and others things can be fixed with EFFORT!!

If the developers mastering the Wii hardware, porting a game will never be a problem, the using of motion controls works for both, porting or making a game from the ground. But making a game from the ground never make the graphics better than a ported version...

Don't give us stupid excuses EA and port the game to Wii!!

If you do it, I promise buy the game. Becose this game is already in my must buy list of games.
Because the game won't sell is one of the main reasons why developers don't switch over to the Wii.
Dose anybody else not really care about this game?

Wooo it has Jack Black in it.

Will that make the game good?
I think not