Component cables?


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Mar 4, 2016
Is there any manufacturer out there that offers a beefier cable than the run of the mill one thats available or do we have to make them ourselves? From the picture they all look the same.

Nevermind I made my own. 20160304_185658.jpg

Here a comparison. Industry standard vs. best possible picture quality. Believe me it makes a huge difference in spite of most people saying huge cables are just overkill. Dont believe the hype. Take your Wii to the extreme.

MonsterGame cables have 22awg+ stranded aluminum core. With a filler tube running the main sheath to add bulk and stability.
The Belkin PureAV (which cost $10 on Craigslist) run an 18awg solid copper core for both audio and video. In the Belkin cables each lead is individually grounded to prevent further signal bleed/interference. Being duped into believeing that whats available is the best its gonna get is rediculous.
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