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Feb 7, 2007
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The date's been set. Electronic Arts and Visceral Studios have announced that Dead Space: Extraction is scheduled for a September release this year.

The specific date: September 29th. Players will join once more the team of space colonists struggling to survive from the Aegis VII mining colony infection. Bringing something new to the table is new character Lexine. And she plays a mighty important heroine, too, as the crew soon realizes that in order to escape the virus, they need to protect Lexine.

Don't forget, September 29, Dead Space: Extraction.

Heres the link

No DLC plans saids EA

Despite the new storage solution Nintendo is rolling out for the Wii, Dead Space: Extraction will not be getting any downloadable content.

The game's executive producer, Steve Papoutsis, revealed that while the idea is "interesting", Visceral currently has no plans to release any Extraction DLC. In contrast, the original game has already received tons of DLC (or, as like to call them, "downloadable cheats").

Dead Space: Extraction is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Wii late this year.

Dead Space: Extraction will be as long as original, will have new weapons

When Dead Space: Extraction was announced for the Wii, there were some worries that it's just going to be some half-assed clone of the original game just to make a quick buck. Apparently, this isn't the case. An interview with the game's production team reveals that the game will be a full game on its own.

According to the team, Extraction will take just as long to play through as the original game (even if it is a rail shooter). They also revealed some parts of the game's plot:

Extraction’s story takes place around the moments before the Marker is extracted on Aegis VII. Extraction provides an all new story that features all new characters and leads up to the time just before Isaac arrives on the Ishimura. Fans of Downfall and the Comics may recognize a few names and faces in Extraction.

[...] Since the events in Extraction take place during the initial infection on the colony and the Ishimura you will encounter a good deal of new NPC’s. I don’t want to go into too much detail today and spoil the surprise.

They also promised that the game will have all of the original Dead Space weapons "plus a good number of all new weapons made specifically for Extraction." Looking forward to see more of the game.
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According to the team, Extraction will take just as long to play through as the original game (even if it is a rail shooter).

I'm definitely glad to hear that...the only thing that keeps me from buying HOTD: Overkill is its short length. I love rail shooters but I won't spend $50 on a 3 hour game. So I'm glad to hear it has a decent length. This game looks amazing, and I will probably be buying it when it is released.

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