Designer Says Metroid: Other M Not As Violent As It Seems


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Feb 7, 2007
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Team Ninja, known for their not-so-stealthy Ninja Gaiden series and huge boobs, are the newest developer to take on the Metroid saga. The unveil trailer at E3 looked, well, kinda un-Metroid-y in that it was so action-packed, like shoving her beam canon down a baddie's mouth.

During an E3 interview with G4, Metroid: Other M Team Ninja designer Yusuke Hayashi was keen to point out that the game is still totally Metroid, regardless of how that reel may have come across.

First of all, it's not my intent to create a Ninja Gaiden version for Metroid with Other M. Our goal is definitely to use our know-how to our advantage in developing something that is still distinctly Metroid, but has all those qualities that would make it even better than what people would expect. A trailer being a trailer, it's going to have the sequences in it that are more action-packed, maybe a little more violent, but it's not going to be all of this game. I'm going to have a version that you guys can actually get your hands on fairly soon.

Sounds like previews are incoming in the near future where we can get a solid idea of how the game works. In the meantime, let's all watch the trailer again.

heres the link
Metroid; Other M??
Am I missing something here or is that an incredibly crap name?

Anyway it looks pretty cool. But I doubt it will be as good as the Prime games.
maybe your not samus ithis one because i saw another girl in the trailer with short hair( i'm just guesting)
Im kinda looking forward to what they will do with Samus

Skimpy zero suit?
Am I missing something here or is that an incredibly crap name?
Team ninja have never been good at naming there games
Well chances are, and they are high, the metroid series has been renewed with a new samus. Notice that girl at the end? Look like samus in her civilian suit. The OTHER M? The other? I guess that other makes it pretty clear.

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