Do you think there will be a Pokemon where you can create a Pokemon?!

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Mar 27, 2009
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Seriously everyone wants to create and train their own Pokemon that they made!!! I do but it's hard to think of what types to make your Pokemon.
Ok, I'm tired right now, so I won't realy expand upon this too much, rahter, I'm heading to bed....
But the in the minds of the designers, they create a "Idealized Metagame"
Where the environment plays to THEIR expectations.

In this idealized metagame, they strive to create a since of ballence. For every threat, they pair a obvious answer or counter, while enriching the since of story and continuity.

If you even want to talk about designing pokemon, you better have not just the basics, but understand the real abstract thoughts,

Example, if something gains realy good typeing, then often, it may have a shallower move pool to compensate. Things with a wide move pool, likely are toned down in power.

Move Pool
Stages, and evolution points,
Rate of leveling

Not meaning to offend, well, maybe I am, but as far as an official game, don't be absurd. But as far as fan games with custom monsters, there are plenty, but most of them actually are somewhat balanced, with a concept of how both a story senerio would work, and idealized battling conditions
wow....strype pretty much sumed it up.
Oh course it would be NICE to be able to create your own pokemon but it would be impossible. as Strype said, pokemon are all determined with EVs and move sets and ect. You you create your own with any stats or move sets or what not the game would simply be unbalanced. Also it would get rid of the main purpose of pokemon, catching all the pokemon. How would that work if everyone created their own pokemon?
So no, i don't think there will be a pokemon game where you can create pokemon.

Anyways, It's called "Pokemon, Gotta catch them all"
Not "pokemon, lets let everyone make uber crazy pokemon and make the game stupid"
Because its such a silly idea, strype as put the pin on the donkey, creating your own Pokemon, giving it stats, move pool, abilities, type, ev points etc, and then trying to have a solid game, impossible unless everyone is a game developer and wants to send days doing so. They might make so little internet flash game where u can ahah, but nothing professional.
Don't forget to mention the end of Pokemon if that happens. There would be no need to make another Pokemon game if you can create whatever you want. Because anythings possible.

Also because I don't think anyone would be enthusiastic to fight your Dark/Ghost typed Pokemon with 999 attack and Wonderguard and bla bla bla.
i think maybe they should do a competition where u create a pokemon and it power then they should pick 2 maybe 3 or 4 and add them to a game

but terrible idea if u could create any pokemon when u wish people will be making mews and that
It doesn't mean you have to be able to use the created pokemon against other people online.

Any game where you can create a character only lets you play with them offline. I don't play pokemon, but it does sound like a cool feature. If you could create your starter at the beginning i think it would add to the gameplay.
Creating your own Poke would be a bad idea. Like Strype said, virtually ridiculous. And it would be the WORST financial decision Japan could ever make, because it would be the end of the entire poke spectrum.

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