Dragonball the movie 3 on the way


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May 30, 2006
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Anyway from one pille-o-shite to another
Dragonball film actor Justin Chatwin (Son Goku) told SciFiNow, Imagine Publishing's British science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine, that his live-action project already has a script for a second film written. Chatwin added that if the sequel is green-lit, "The second one goes more into the whole legacy and the genealogy of Dragonball. It goes more in-depth into a real Dragonball series, the kind of intergalactic world of Dragonball.” This follows actress Jamie Chung's recent statement that the actors had signed up for two sequels to the first movie.
Two sequels ?

So is there anybody sane looking forward to the film ?
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I'll dismiss this as media-style stupidity.
The film would be decent if you take away the Dragonball name, change character names, and remove the dragon balls. Otherwise, it's a slap in the face to the original concept, and I greatly doubt the first film will even be successful enough to produce a sequel.

So, I'm not worried.
This is what happens when poo takes a whizz, and don't even TRY to make sense of that.
I love DragonBall Z, and DragonBall in general, but the very idea of a movie, let alone 3, based on the franchise, is enough to make me cry out all my bodily fluids.
And it's not enough to deface Piccolo, sequels likely mean they'll probably screw up my favorite villain, Freeza. Oh, 'tis a sad day indeed...
These hollywood imbeciles don't learn, do they? I will never see this film.

It's like giving someone the winning lottery ticket, then wrapping it in feces.
Turning a great thing into suicidal reasoning.
i would rather go see bo-bo-bo-bo-bobobo meets faggle rock the movie before i see that peice of shite.
It really is a shame that Hollywood likes to **** over anything it can get its greedy hands on. :mad2:

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