favorite anime characters


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Aug 7, 2006
fav anime characters thread

mine are
spike (cowboy bebop)
ed (cowboy bebop)
naota (flcl)
mugen (samuri champloo)
the main character from neon genesis evangelion (btw does any1 know if he is gay or not? i dont really care about a person/characters sexuality, but that one episode made me kind of curious about his)
shino (naruto)
hinata (naruto)
that one kid that does not giv a crap about anything (naruto)

and of course, quite possibly the greatest anime character of all time...........

Alphonse (Full Metal Alchemist)
Hakate Kakashi (Naruto)
Shikimaru [spelling?] (Naruto)
Can't think of anyone else right now....
t.t I would say "I love you rodent" because your the only other shino/hinata/eva fan i have seen lol t.t but you like Rock Lee =*(

The main character of Evangelion is "Shinji" and as far as i know he is not gay although in the manga (which i own, sadly only 9 volumes were made which did not complete the series) there is talk about shinji and Kaoru "love" going on. Il try and scan the page and post it when i can find a scanner <.< >.> looks at stoukaph)

Anyway favorite anime characters consist of:

Lucy from elfen Lied... she is in my sig =)
Spike, Ed and Ein from Cowboy Beepop
Shino, Neji and Hinata from Naruto
Rei and Asuka from Neon Genessis Evangelion
Rukia from Bleach
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i dont like much anime but my fav. characters are:

Naruto (if you can figure out what show he is from, you need to be punched lol)
Rock Lee (Naruto)
Hinata (Naruto)
Kiba (Naruto)
Kakashi (Naruto)(seeing a pattern yet? lol)
Neji (naruto)
Shikimaru (Naruto)

yea. naruto is the only anime ive ever liked enough to watch the japaneese episodes with english subs rather than the english dubs. hell, besides FLCL its the only anime i even like
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i 4got the eva guy was named shingi (thanks),

also i 4got 2 add Ed, from fma
Kurama/Yoko Kurama-Yu Yu Hakusho
Kakashi Hatake-Naruto
Sasuke Uchiha-Naruto
Rock Lee-Naruto
Itachi Uchiha-Naruto
Jin-Samurai Champloo
Kenshin Himura-Rurouni Kenshin
Roy Mustang-Fullmetal Alchemist
Kira Yamoto-Gundam Seed
Athrun Zala-Gundam Seed
Lacus Clyne-Gundam Seed
Mwu La Flagga/Neo-Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny
Chairman Durandill-Gundam Seed Destiny
Cagalli Yula Attha-Gundam Seed
(Yes you can see i love Gundam Seed =P)
Trunks-Dragonball Z

Yeah thats all i got for right now
Hiei : Yu-Yu-Hakusho
Yusuke Urameshi : Yu-Yu-Hakusho
Kenshin Himura : Rurouni Kenshin

I don't watch to many anime... But I LOVE Yu-Yu-Hakusho.

Need I say more?
My Fav. characters are:
The zombie leader from Samuri Champloo (Cosmic Collisions episode)
13th Angel from EVA, even if he is...homo
Eyes Rutheford-Spiral
Yuchiro Hanma-Baki the Grappler