favorite character and kart/bike


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Sep 17, 2009
Michigan, USA
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i want to know other people combos to get a faster time on my trials and in the grand "prixs"
well funky+Flame Runner is the best for most courses, daisy + mach is best on mc3, dkjp, and dkm, and funky and the spear is the best on a few, but i wouldn't recomend the spear for gp, just some tt's like yoshi falls, peach gardens, luigi circuit, and ds desert. Oh and toadette + magikruiser is best on sherbat land and shy guy beach.
Baby Luigi on the Magikruiser, yea it's slower, but it worked great for just about all the Cups in Grand Prix. Good offroad for the occaisional mishap. ( With which a 3 star rank is still possible, even when going offroad without a mushroom multiple times as I found out.)
I alternate with Daisy and Mii Outfit A using either Dolphin Dasher or Mach Bike. Tends to work well for tracks with a lot of curves, but I've yet to develop a heavy tier combo. I see that everyone uses Funky Kong, but I think his drifts are way too wide and his voice really gets on my nerves.
I always use Yoshi with a Sugarscoot bike. If it's a Karts only race, I use Yoshi with Daytripper. (Funny how I didn't know they were counterparts until after I started using them.) Also, if somebody playing with me is being mean and they have to be Yoshi (I hate when that happens), I use Birdo with the same vehicle.
I prefer the karts with a little weight to them as to not get thrown around so much if Gp or online. I use Rosalina or walugi-Flame runner or Baby bowser,Mii's or diddy - Dolphin dasher
iv since switched to rosalina with the flame runner bike. i find she handles better than funky kong
blue falcon is the best car on there FAST decent acceleration and it just flat out looks beast on baby luigi and problem with the bigger karts and bikes is they tend to have realyyyyyy slow acceleration
Lol, Blue Falcon... F-Zero.

Daisy/Mach Bike, pretty common combination. Gives a good deal of speed and mobility, but without a terrible amount of acceleration. Epic turboing if you're into that as well, ofcourse.