May 23, 2006
England, United kingdom
What everyone's favourites films??

some of mine are:

saw,saw2, scary movie1,2,3, 2fast2furious,war of the worlds, 8mile, doom the movie, hostage, the butterfly affect and i can't think of any more :lol:
Some of my favourite movies are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, The Bourne Identity, and many asian films.
star wars, lord of the rings, the last samurai, hitchhiker's guide, da vinci code, indiana jones, back to the future, labyrinth, dark many more....
heres gos ya probably wont know these
Skinny tiger fatty dragon some of the best samo fight seens ever(might have difrent us name think its hambuger cop )
Police story 1/2 new (3/4fail)
Holy grail
life of brain
once a thef
sod it ill take a a pic of my dvds
A Clockwork Orange
Apocalypse Now
Battle Royale
Being John Malkovitch
Blade Runner
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Ring trilogy
Dr. Strangelove

Others I don't remember right now...
National Treasure
The Day After Tomorrow
The Phantom of the Opera (the broadway is better, though)
Frequency (Awesome, you kinda just have to see it)
October Sky
Mr. Holland's Opus
all the Pixar movies
The Thomas Crown Affair
Ocean's Eleven
plenty more where that came from
Not in any particular order.

Chasing Amy.
The Crow.
Series 7:The Contenders.
5 of the Star Wars films.Did'nt like attack of the clones.
Stand By Me.
Jurrasic Park(the first one the other 2 were crap).
Monster Sqaud.
Flight of the Navigator.
St Elmo's Fire.
Breakfast Club.
My new favorite is Garden State now thats a good movie and a piece of art. The main actor is the writer and producer too so its cool watching it knowing that he wrote all of it. and Natalie Portman is in it (star wars girl from episode 1,2,and 3 for those who dont know names)
My favorite film will probably have to be Signs closely followed by King Kong.