Frontpage portal or not? *brainstorming*


Apr 30, 2006
Just wondering whether to add a portal front page to the site.

Somewhere where the latest Wii news can be posted and then linked to a news forum for comments? I think it will make it easier for discussion regarding the latest news and help prevent dupe threads in the forum?

Let me know what you guys think :)
i think it sounds like a good idea.

another thing to consider adding would be to have a couple different banners up top that display randomly maybe representing some of the cool games from the system
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Yea adding a frontpage would give more room for special additions like that and would make it far easier to integrate a game rating system like you mentioned earlier.

Could display a lit of randomnly displayed titles on the frontpage with links to pages with their information etc.
I agree with everybody else. That would make your site all the more better. The conversations would. I just think it is that your site is growing so fast, which is a good thing.
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Just thinking now, gonna be better to get a custom coded portal page. That way we can have all kinds of features going on, aswell as latest news/discussions.

Rather than just a standard 3 column layout.
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Lets have a brainstorm for things you'd like to see on the main page?

Im thinking:

Latest Wii News
Latest Forum Discussions
Latest Gallery Image

Featured Game of the week
Top 5 Thread Discussions
Game Previews
maybe we could link it to the calendar to display the next 3-5 events, which would also be a good place to put confirmed release dates for games and the consoles
2 ideas:

1. Put up a poll for this titled "Frontpage or portal or not?" or similar, so we can see the amount of interest in it.

2. Have a weekly poll if you can get it implemented on the front portal page.