Gamecube Games and Wii games COMPARED!

I've seen that link and mario comparison before still it proves that the wii has much better graphics than the gamecube...much better
thats what Im talking about! I dont see how the graphics can get any better than this! How is PS3 graphics going to be better than this? I dont understand these are the best graphics I could ask for! Id like to see in like 30 years time how people are going to create new consoles because the previous one is to damn good to beat!
lol... Mario Is Like Doing A Kamehameha Wave (dbz)

The Graphics Do Look MUCH Better Than GC

TP Link Looks Awesome
The textures are really detailled you can see the stich lines in mario overals, links sheild actually looks damaged and the explosion are little piffy red or blue balls that explode they have more finer detail and shape
The Link comparison is so freakin good, i mean look at the difference? This is wat those people who make the games mean by saying stuff like the wii graphics have unlocked potential, i mean look at that, if that aint unlocked potential get ready to be blown away
MAN! the GCN SSBM Link is an asshole compared with the TP link! man I cant beleive how much graphics it has!
And the SSBM lvl comparison, the gc lvl is all boxy and stuff while the wii*drools* I think u get my point. The link comparison...MY GOD!!! I mean u can see all the detail! U even see the chainlinks in the chainmail! The lighting! The everything!

Honestly, y would u go w/ the PS3 whch is supposed to have better graphics when u could pay $500 less and u at least get these graphics! ****!
If this is what the wii has then the 360 and PS3 have to better, yet I see nothing of this imerse detail yet...
I still stick with the fact that the wii is the only real next gen console as it has features that others have never explored, ps3 and xbox are just upgrades from the precessors, i mean i dont have anything against them but i just think that u are wasting money on buying them when u can buy a wii and a ton of games in the price of one of the competitors consoles, WII RULES!
its not about graphics its about how good and action packed the games are. (although the Wii does have way sweet graphics).and if they keep u accupied for longer then ten minutes. and make u want to skip eating dinner so u can play longer. LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!!!!!