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Jun 29, 2011
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Challenges are updated! Enjoy!


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Nov 13, 2011
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Gold Challenge Suggestions? Goldd Challenge: Get a 50 streak. 54 on Out Post, host (my friend!) quit though
Get more than 75 kills in a game. I have achieved this 4 times; Nope.
Get a 30 streak while using an unsilenced sniper rifle ONLY - Sort of, 25-0 streaks THREE times on Docks.
Get a 30 streak with a Sigmus - Umm, I got a 15 streak.
Kill 7 people with an explosive (conflict) - Will never happen.
Get a no-scope headshot with a sniper rifle from 30 feet away - I have a few.
Get a 30 streak with a level 56 on the other team. - Yes, twice.
10 Elimination Domination 3 people in one game. - Don't think I have.
Have a 15:1 Kill/Death Ratio (must have 3 or more deaths) - 44-3 (have pic), so very close...
Kill somebody with a flash grenade - Nope. I have been killed by one though
Have 5 consecutive games where you get at least one 10 streak - Don't think so. 3 or 4 maybe.
Melee 4 people with only one smack - 2 is my best.
Make the entire team rage quit in only 3 minutes (4 people) - Yep, done this a lot.
Obtain a 3 to 1 kill/death ratio against an entire team of 56's - Yes, many times. Only a few times VS 'good' players though.

These are just some challenges that I thought of, hope you consider some of them! :p

Answers in quote.

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