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Jul 8, 2006
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Has anyone played the game Geist for the GC? i thought it was a good game (is into super natural stuff). good story line and multiplayer. it might be a very underrated game. like cubivore:D
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um...ok. here are some screenshots and art:




sorry theyre so big
Wow! Its so great, but its a FPS? and is like Horror? Ive never seen this game before but it looks awesome!
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yeah, its both. its rated M and is developed by n space. its a GC exclusive. it would be a great game for the wii. i liked it a lot.
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no...its like...uh...eternal darkness and james bond. lemme see if i can find gameplay and plot lines to post here.
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Here is the information straight from Nintendo: said:
In the hallways, labs and chambers of a shadowy compound, an unseen power is lurking.

As a ghostly Spectral Operative, players must search for their physical body, which is mysteriously being kept alive somewhere in the enormous complex. Players won't always be alone though--as they explore, they must collect the energies of indigenous spirits to help unravel a mystery and build their own power. Some will help ... but beware, for not all the spirits are friendly. Prepare for a first-person adventure with a spectral twist!


* Explore the compound as a ghost, then possess more than a dozen unique character types using their weapons, equipment, skills, and even memories, to complete your goals.
* Possessions range from soldiers with guns to dog- and mouse-like creatures that can perform specialized physical tasks. Choose different characters and see the world in different ways.
* Travel through the human world virtually unseen, using your abilities to slip through cracks, interfere with electronics, move objects and more.
* Face challenges from two unique angles--as a possessed human or a lurking spirit hunting its prey.
* Prepare for death matches with the dead in all-new multiplayer modes that combine first-person combat with unique ghost and possession mechanics.

You are John Raimi, a disease-control agent with the federal government, on loan to an elite counterterrorism unit. Your team is sent to investigate the shadowy Volks Corporation. When the operation goes horribly wrong, you are captured and subjected to a ghastly experiment that rips your spirit from your physical body. You now roam the halls of the Volks Corporation compound as a spectral phantom, using your powers to scare and possess any human or animal that crosses your path.

If you’re going to have any hope of finding your own body, you must employ your hair-raising power of possession to control humans, animals and objects, using the unique abilities of each to explore the compound, solve puzzles and strike at your enemies. Different characters react to the world from different perspectives: As an engineer, you may have access to restricted areas and computers, while as a mouse you may find yourself inexplicitly drawn to mouse traps baited with cheese.

As a ghost, you are invisible to humans and move so fast that everything around you appears in slow motion. While in this phantom form, you can effortlessly pass through chain-link fences or through small cracks in walls. Most importantly, you can possess everyday objects like lights, computers and fire extinguishers and manipulate them to terrify nearby humans or animals. Once a living creature has been frightened, you can possess and control its body.

Along the way, you must discover the secret of the Volks Corporation to unravel the mystery of your condition and find a way to recover your human form.
and heres a video of the game
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This was one of the games that really made me regret selling my GC for an Xbox. There are so few games that let you do possessions; PsyOps and Oddworld: Munch's Oddsyee are the only that come to my mind.

Was the possession ability done well and used a lot?

It had multiplayer aswell, didn't it? Was that fun?

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i dont think possession was done a whole lot but i really liked the idea. i hope they make another geist game.

the multiplayer was great. unlike halo, it actually had bots:D it had great character unlockables like, you could be a rat, or a rabbit, or a cockroach. or also you could be a girl in a towel with one hit towel snap kills:p