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Del fuego he resurgido...
Nov 26, 2006
Houston Tx.
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Today is a glorious day to me! it is September 25, 2007! ever since I woke up, I was excited, I didn't want to even go to school, I wanted to go directly at the store to buy a game; the best FPS game out there, and I mean the best!!! I just got some money that my father owed me so I went in to the store and there were a lot of people but I got through them and I could see it sitting there behind the crystal: the glorious game! so I demanded I wanted it and the person who worked there just opened the crystal, took the game and said "all right, there you go." and it felt amazing to have the game in my hands! as soon as I paid I went running back to my car,while in the car, I couldn't stop to look at the box "wow" and then when I arrived at my house and opened the box, I started playing...and words can't describe the feeling of playing this game, it is just glorious.

Yeah, the glorious game I'm talking about is, of course, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which I had never played before, and it's a blast
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South america gets it a month + 1 day before England.

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Metroid Prime 3? thought it was out in South America already...ohh October 26th ouch
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Lol! indeed it is, Warioo, indeed it is..I'll send you vouchers..oh you haven't added me to your Wii yet, that's right, but I have you so as soon as you add me I'll send them
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Lol, happy to be of help, man.
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Lol thanks hated the Metroid series Frogger? aw man!!!!!!!!!! but not anymore, right?
That was good. I started to wonder, are you a 360 player? Once I got to that spoiler, couldn't help but laugh. What would really be funny, was if someone camped for a few days outside in store, just to be first there ready for the halo 3 release, and then, go into the shop, and buy Metroid Prime 3 instead! I would laugh so hard if someone did that.

Still haven't gotten Metroid Prime 3, being a european and all:sick:
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yeah, even though the protagonist is a girl...Hey I'm yelling GIRL POWER!! everytime I(controlling Samus) kill bosses and such in the game.

Jt. I thought of doing that but it would be too much lol, and then I would be like: "hey guys look at this that I got! the best FPS yeah!! better than Halo" to all the people in the store buying Halo. I kinda did that today but not alot of people were there buying the game, just a few
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