Have you ever dropped or thrown the Wii-mote?

No...I wouldn't say that....my wiimote just doesn't want to leave my hand.
ive thrown my wiimote AT someone lmfao.

i was playing bowling with me, my boyfriend and my boyfriends friend greg and my bf kept taking his arm and everytime i went to bowl, he would knock me over and i would screw up!

i got so mad that i just chucked the thing lmfao he was kinda pissed but i reminded him that I BOUGHT the system for him for his bday with like a million games and the wiimotes lol.

so yea, i can honestly say that ive thrown mine but it was diliberately WHOOPS! :D
Frogger said:
Or you're all idiots. Don't you ever slip?
Just fits perfectly into my hand and I am always contious about it so yeh... and we are rebels :sad:
I have never threw it, but I went to put it down once and I dropped it lol, it hit a plate on the ground and smashed it in 2 LOL, I was soo suprised! My mate's sister has thrown his Wii-mote before playing bowling.
One of the cool things that Nyko did when they released the wiimote charger is they put a rubber grip on the battery cover that replaces the regular cover.

It helps out in intense games of wii bowling. :)
cif said:
ive dropped each of my remotes a good few times

Lol, you must be clumbsy although they are very durable, people have thrown them and they still work lol. Only the once for me lol so I understand.
i dont really have anywere to put them but on top of my printer and they always slide off, ive probs only dropped them about once each, my friends have dropped them a few times
Mine went into the wall
I was worked up on boxing (damn unrespocive controlls)and punched the wall