Have you gotten in an "Argument"?

Have you gotten in an argument on WiiChat.com?

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a forum argument, no, I don't think so...I'm pretty new to it.

real life...of course...I have parents
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registerednerd said:
yeah, no hard feelings. How about we just agree to disagree, and we'll see on release day. :)

sure.. "agree to disagree" hah

i still think that you dont point at the tv at all! hah :p

but if this argument continues i might die. :rolleyes:
Lol, seriously. Now wut would be awsome is for some1 to get into an argument.

I know it's in u registerednerd and Fierce Diety...*everyone chanting*fight!fight!fight!fight!
Waluigi The Great will always come on top. 100th post!!!!!!!