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Sep 30, 2006
Princeville, (Kauai) Hawaii
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Mmkay. So... I've made a bit of a mental list of which games I'm gonna get on the launch, but I think it's a bit too expensive. So, I'm gonna get a few people's opinions on which two games I should take out...
So, I've decided to get...

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Red Steel
Rayman: Raving Rabbits (Or whatever)
**~~**Trauma Center: Second Opinion -- Edit: Out of the list

I wanna take two out 'cause it's a bit too expensive. Can anyone make a suggestion on what games I should leave out? Oh, and don't you DARE say Zelda! xD

Edit: Well, Trauma Center is out of the list, so it's just against Red Steel, Rayman, and Elebits.
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i say get zelda and rayman because if you get another hardcore game it wont be as fun as a semi hardcore game and a hardcore game
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And what is your suggestion based on? You haven't played Red Steel yet, so you don't know if it's good or not. Ah, well. I'll just wait for more. Thanks. ^^;
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Really, now? Did you? Though I highly doubt it, for I'm the guy who finds suspicion in everything, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. So, thanks for everything. I'll be sure to commit your comments to memory.
Yeah, if you don't have any Gamecube games or have never owned a Gamecube, buy Super Smash Brothers Melee or Resident Evil 4 and a wavebird controller, which would together probably cost less than 1 game if you buy them used.

I'm going to be buying Zelda and Red Steel personally, although I'm having doubts about Red Steel because it could be a let down (damn I hope it's not).
Could get Far Cry instead of Red Steel, but thus far, Far Cry screenshots look like crap. If you can, wait for a review on Red Steel or Far Cry, or rent them through Gamefly or something. If you just can't wait, you can get Red Steel and if it sucks, you can trade it in for probably $10 less than what you bought it for.

Don't forget Wii comes with WiiSports, so you'll have atleast three games if you buy Zelda and Red Steel. Could also save some money for VC games.

Oh and no, I'm not adding money you don't have, unless you don't drop Red Steel, but I wouldn't drop that game.:D
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Hmm... Well, I'm gonna get Rayman, Zelda, and Red Steel. Might leave out Red Steel if I don't have enough, but I prolly will. Thanks, guys!