IGN: Is Got Nothing


Aug 6, 2006
Cheesy, i know, but my reliable #1 source wii.ign.com has been stale for the past 2 days!!! anyone have any other sites that give in-depth descriptions of each thing!? i will look at the Wii Pages thingy i started but all thoes dont seem as in-depth
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*wipes his tears away* are..you sure haku?

gamefaqs had like nothing, that one guy called gamefaqs nintendo fanboys!? they dont even have a wii section (you have to use platform jumper) and it dosent have much info, but i read a few things new on games
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I know a few sites:


Infendo.com (Pretty good source)

GoNintendo.com (Really good source)

Gamespot.com (Eh, not that bad) (Really focused on Microsoft and Sony)

And of course, Nintendo.com! (But then again, they dont tell us ANYTHING)