Insomniacs assemble!!


As a program it aint for everyone.

I fear that Gravity falls is getting the same kind of fan base, crap, retarded fans dragging down a great series


Good bye Ceefax, we shall miss your pixelly styles
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Perhaps it's just lack of the appropriate conditioning then. Like how some people play SotC and completely disregard the artistic experience of it. It's still strange, since some of the familiar religious elements of Xenoblade would probably get you into it(then again, you'd need to actually play it first).
Having cancer is ment to be a life changing thing, dont mean I want to get it
Talkin' 'bout '03 bro, wasn't no TF2 back then. :lol:

Speakin' of '03, I was still rockin' the Sega Genesis, so I wasn't around much for PC gaming.

And off-topic, now that I'm finally on the 3rd game of the Phoenix Wright series, Trials and Tribulations, I'm really impressed so far.
And I mean, story-wise, I'm mind-blown at how well CAPCOM was able to capture my every attention pertaining to just the story alone. I can't stop going through the Wikis over it.

I really want to get that one DS game that dealt with Apollo just to know more about Phoenix's disbarment. Mad interesting stuff, I tell ya.
PW5. I refuse to play it until I finish this third PW game, both the Miles Edgeworth games, and Apollo.
The "Moaning sod" within is coming back out...............

I seem to be getting RSI due to spending a bit to long on the computer
Be it PC or gaming binges, I've never had any RSI problems. Yet. Might just be 'cause I'm a youngin', hopefully it's just 'cause I keep in shape.

Forgot t' save after completin' the Abyssal Ruins yesterday. I was mad, bro.
The third one has Godot. You won't be disappointed. It's the best of the trilogy.

I heard that one was great.
Speakin' of which, I'm probably going to have a moral conflict after beating this game.
I heard it was the perfect conclusion for Phoenix until they came up with Apollo's game, then his story kind of got screwy.
I'm not too sure about it since I have yet to really play through all that, but I hope it's not as bad as I'm hearing.