Insomniacs assemble!!

Kurt Kobain is an instantly recognisable person,

My motto to things like this is.
Dont fly the flag, if you ain't part of the team

Translation, you will never see me wearing a Justin Bieber T-Shirt
Just noticed this crazy dude also has a signature move named "One-Winged Angel". Pretty sure an electric chair driver lowers your HP to less than 1.
Starting to be offered paid work to set up games events

Basically being paid to do something I like
And that's the way t' live. 'Less a job you hate pays enough t' make ya rich, just ain't worth sufferin' half (or more) of the time you're awake.

i has envy
For the first time in ever's forever, I actually like a site's new look. Everythin' seems to load faster too. Youtube could learn a thing or two from 'em.

Doing bad at Rugby


Also todays fate is 10/11/12
Karpmod said all pokemon were perfectly balanced. He lied to me. I don't take kindly to liars.

No, ya simply forgot what I said.

SSBfreakCK said:
... in their proper metagame.

You said they all had t' be perfectly balanced, not me. ... IIRC anywho. If I said perfect, I meant perfect-ish. :lol: Nor did I say "all".