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SSBfreakCK said:
Usin' a taunt button outside of when taunt messages are appropriate is for noobs. :p Dash dancing, playin' with moves (like SKing's pointless counters), etc. is far more classy. It's not really taunting anyways, more a way to pass the short respawn time with impatient stupidity. It's also a dumb way t' show player individuality.

Aye, I see. Wouldn't just standing there be easier though? Random attacks/dashing seems pointless and stupid (no offense or anything) so why do it?
Taunting is also pointless if ya didn't do somethin' taunt-worthy, but people do it anyways. :lol: There's obviously no reason t' do it; hell, my dash dancin' has gotten me into trouble via an untimely trip; but everyone does it anyways.

Also, it's actually not as pointless as ya think. There's a very slight mind game to it. If you're just standin' there, the foe will simply approach and rather easily react to whatever ya do to escape them. If you're bumbling about randomly, it's less likely they'l read your movements correctly and be able t' make use of their invincibility frames.
Don't judge me by that hideous performance, t'was just a Falconator ditto for the lulz. :lol: Never been a Falcon player, and in Brawl I sure as **** will never be.

j reely sux @ bralwl tho
Pokemon Stadium as well

Got a mention in Retro Gamer again.

Hi im Dan


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No wrestler is moar compatible with special effects.


EX Hadouken? Nah, that's an Ω Hadouken (see what I did thar?! lolololololololol).

Wikipedia said:
Finishing moves
Aoi Shoudou (Cross-legged fisherman buster)[1][4]
Croyt's Wrath (Electric chair dropped into a bridging German suplex, sometimes from the second rope)[4][74]
EX Hadouken (High-impact double palm thrust to a kneeling opponent's face, with theatrics)[75]


Signature moves
450° splash[77]
Back to belly piledriver[62]
Flash Man's Time Stopper (Step-up enzuigiri, with theatrics)[74]
Greetings From Winnipeg (Low blow, with theatrics)[74]
Hadouken (Double palm thrust to the opponent's chest)

Just noticed this crazy dude also has a signature move named "One-Winged Angel". Pretty sure an electric chair driver lowers your HP to less than 1.
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Facebook is my best friend.
So I was interested in this Asian female at my school. She's one of the smartest, shyest, cutest girls at the school, and I took a fancy to her.
She's a class rank of 2 out of 300-something. My class rank is 279.
She will also be Valedictorian of my graduating class.

So I message her on Facebook. Haven't talked to her in-person before, ever. Haven't even talked to her online before, either, until this week. We had a class together back in my elementary/middle school years, but anyway.

It seems I'm doing pretty good, I think. I asked her if we could meet up at the school library (classic) after school on Monday, and she was totally fine with it. Then she was like, "What are you going to talk to me about when we meet?"
So I dropped the hint:

"Mostly AP Government stuff, but I also wanted to get to know you more since I find you very interesting (sounded generic if you asked me)."

And she's all down for it, still. So I'm guessing I have a good chance with this woman.
The way I see it, she must be a very, very, very busy person to maintain such a prestigious academic record, and for her to make time out of her day to meet with me sounds great!

The only problem I see out of all of this would be her possibly-strict parents.

Yes people like that exist

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