Insomniacs assemble!!

All as in, all those 550+ Pogeymanz. I used "all" as a quantitative adjective... T'was just a misunderstanding formed by my occasionally poor grammar is all.

So no, I never intentionally said every Poke is competitively viable.

My art, as seen in a pub toilet
Those games regularly get mentioned along with the Tales series and Xeno games as being the best in JRPG story elements. I may look into some of those once I finish the Xenosaga trilogy.
  • New pony episode was okay. I much preferred the season 2 finale though.
  • Started up Final Fantasy VI again, got past the boss who irritated me last time I played.
  • Why does the library need to be closed on Veterans Day?
  • Started my tourny on BMGf, 16 would be a fabulous number of participants. Got 12 so far.
  • F-ck school. Again.
  • Eventually plan to start my petition for a hardcore Pokemon game. Don't think about opening your mouth if it pertains to this, Assasin, I damn well think Pokemon should get a really good plot in at least one game.
  • Chicken is good
  • Apparently I need to split the profit with my school if I wanna have a waffle club there. Not only that, but my friend I wanted to start it with bailed out. Why are people so difficult? ¬_¬