Internet Channel Update


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Jan 26, 2009
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Finally! What some of us have been waiting for, and most of us believed would never happen, is done!

The Internet Channel has been updated. It now can use Flash Player 8 and it now costs 0 points to download.

If you had already bought it for 500 points then Nintendo is giving you something special. Towards the end of October/early November, you will be allowed to download one 500 point NES game for free.

Now discuss. Personally I'm excited. I have to use my Internet channel so now that its been updated, I'm not so limited as before. Plus I'll soon be getting a free NES game. Win-win for me.
Good news about the update, but couldn't they at least update it to flash player 10?
Also good about the nes game, I wonder if they'll give us 500 points or something like a certificate to download a game.
my wii is modded so it would be cool if they just gave 500 points instead of an NES game dl. I have every NES game on my usb drive lol
I want addon content for My Life As A King