Wii News: Internet Channel becomes free


Super Ninjarator
Apr 4, 2007
Wii Online Code
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Today, Nintendo announced the Internet Channel, which used to be available for download for 500 Wii Points (USD $5), is now free of charge to users who have yet to download it. When the Internet channel was first launched it was free however that was only a limited offer, but luckily Nintendo has made it free again for all Wii owners connected to the web.

Details on how to get the channel will be posted on the Wii message board and the official Nintendo website.

The Internet Channel, powered by Opera, is useful for watching YouTube videos, reading articles, or just surfing the web - all from the comfort of your couch!

For the existing users who have already paid for the Internet Channel, Nintendo is offering those users an NES game free of charge but the free NES game offer will be starting sometime October.

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The Alpha Gamer
Feb 22, 2008
at least those of us who cared enough in the beginning are compenated a little bit.
considering my wii is modded and I have an emu for all the old systems its pretty lame. would rather just have 500 points to use on addons for FF crystal chronichals: my life as a king