Is the Ds worth it?


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Jul 28, 2006
Hi I am a huge nintendo fan and have played since Snes. I was just wondering if you guys think it is worth paying the 150 for the DS to play games such as the new zelda coming out and the mario games. I was also looking into some GBA titles i would get into if i got my DS. I got a wii on launch day and was wondering if u guys think the DS is still worth it even though i have a GC, N64 and Wii.
of course, the ds is awesome. especially on wi-fi games and sometime it will b compatible with the wii so yea
at first i thought it was a stupid idea to have a handheld game console with a stylus... but after buying one, i can say it's tons of fun :D much better than a psp imo.

i hate the psp.. especially the movie playback featuer.. why the hell would i want to buy psp only dvds for $30 to watch it on a 5" screen?
I would say yes. Today I just traded in my piece of crap PSP for a black DS lite, and it is awesome!! And I am also getting a Wii.
Okay, so should I get the Nintendo DS this year rather than the Wii, only becuase they are all out?????
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thanks for input guys. I have put in a lot of research into the DS and am heavily considering getting one with some of the money i get on christmas. I really want to see how the DS will connect with the wii but im sure that will come. thanks.
Sure, I have a great white DS Lite, but I think you must have a DS Lite, the normal DS was almost replaced.
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Well I just got off work and walked over to the best buy a block away and got my DS lite. I read the manuals of the 2 games I bought and am excited to play. The battery is still charging though...