is it worth me getting a cheap ds


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May 26, 2006
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as i want to play wi-fi and want to make the most out of ds wii connectivity do you think its worth me getting a cheap nintendo ds? and where
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would u reccomend me getting a ds lite?
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Mario Famous said:
Yes, the DS Lite has a nice and sleek look to it, it's also better than the Standard DS.

except for the brightness,weight and cool look to it are their any other features it had which the normal ds doesnt?
they fixed a couple other complaints with the original system:
1) the power button is no longer a button that shuts the system off immediately, now it is a switch that must bid slid and held to turn the system off
2) one screen fits into a recess around the other (not sure which) this prevents items from sliding in between the two halves and scratching the screens

for playability i don't think there are any improvements...though some reviews (its been a while since i looked at them) claimed the touch screen was improved in some way....i don't really see how mine has always worked fine and been very responsive on the original ds
Errr, it's more compact....that's about it. Something about a better stylus too.

Edit* You've posted seconds before me. The DS Lite is basically what you said
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^-- sorry

to expound upon what you said though, its being claimed to be 2/3 the size of the ds and the stylus is actually bigger (which is easier to hold)

anyway, to make this easier straight from
Product Features
Enjoy even more portability — the Nintendo DS Lite is less than two-thirds the size of the original DS and more than 20 percent lighter

Play in various lighting conditions with two bright screens that can be adjusted to four levels

Microphone is in the center of the unit and LED lights are clearly visible for better functionality

Stylus is one centimeter longer and one millimeter thicker than the original, so it is easier and more comfortable to use

Repositioned start and select buttons provide easier access

Keep the GBA cartridge slot clear of dust and debris when it's not in use with the removable cover

they don't mention the screen or power buttons, but if you look in the thread discussing the system i've posted a few pics illustrating most of the points here
Yes, get a lite. It is lighter and smaller (fairly easy to pocket), it is less "top heavy", the screens are brigter, the power button not only has a delay, but has also been moved away from the game controls, the buttons feel better (they aren't as loose and clicky as the DSphat), the stylus is much more comfortable, and the serial number tag is much less likely to rub off (I couldn't trade in my DSphat at EB's as they can't take systems without serial numbers). Best of all, they are the same price.
also somewhere it was stated that they updated or upgraded the 2d graphics something in it for the gba games that are played on the system, and that the images of any games played on it would turn out better, maybe because of the brighter screen, but the ds light is a better investment than the old one, i cant tell you HOW many times i accidentally turned off my ds trying to pause the thing... dslite=better:tard:
The only complaints I have with my DS is the light. I have a hard time playing during the day on a roadtrip. I was playing Metroid Prime Hunters with a friend and had a hard time seeing. But other than that, I'm good to go. ^_^
man i've had the old ds for almost a year and thought it was great but i just got the ds lite and i have to say that i enjoy the games far more than when i played them on the regular ds.