Worth It


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May 12, 2006
I have been looking at getting a DS for a few months now but I have not been to sure about it. So I thought I would ask you guys.
Do you think it is worth it to get a DS or should I save my money for something else?
Thanks for any help.
As for handhelds, the DS imho is the best choice for Nintendo style games, with the best controls. The touch screen really adds depth in some games, control wise, and also provides great stats! (mainly live maps that show objects as you get closer or as they get closer to you)

I also own a psp, and have to say, the game play on those is far too technical, and the screen offers very little enjoyment, it's a beautiful machine, but just lost all functionality when the glare and brightness don't do much help. The current ds i've got, on the other hand, has the older style non adjustable brightness, and it's sufficient in most cases, unlike the psp... which you would think is far more superior to the ds.

But... if consoles are more your thing, check out the latest systems and see what games appeal to you to better make that decision.
i would recommend waiting for the ds lite, it fixes all my complaints with the original ds and the adjustable brightness will help tremendously, the original is ok indoors but if you're outside, forget seeing whats going on at all

i also actually like the psp, the system is nice (though pretty expensive still) but so far i've only found a couple games that i like for it, the ds has the psp beat all to pieces in this regard especially when you count the entire back catalog of gameboy games
In my humble opinion, I'd go for it... but don't just get the original DS, get the DS Lite, much better value, and it's compact too. There are such great addictive DS games out there, so go out and buy it!
Go and get one becasue they are a ton of fun and it is worth every penny. Also there are a ton of great games coming out that you are going to want to play.