Keep my original or get the lite?


Dec 9, 2006
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Hey, well I have the original silver ds and looking around everyone seems to be getting the sexy ds lite. If I were to sell my ds on eBay I would get around £45-£55; [About $90-$110] which means around £75-£65; [About $150-$130](if you take away the money I get from selling from the price of a new lite~ £100) Is it worth it or should I just stick with my silver ds?

Thanks! And any feedback is appriciated :cool:

EDIT: Question answered, thanks currently selling my ds on ebay. I just need to know now which colour to get :p
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get the lite!! its sooooooooooooo koooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

DS lite has over DS
-Brighter screen
-bigger stiles
-louder speaker

here is a video that compares the 2
Get the ds lite! My cousin has the old ds and it is bad compared to my ds lite.
Besides, pretty much all the accesories are now for the ds lite.
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Thanks everyone for your replies!

I'm not too sure what to do with my original - I could either sell it to GAME for £40 cash and it would be quick. Or I could eBay it and get a little more but I have to register, card details, paypal and all that junk.

Do you think GAME will mind if I don't have the stylus (lost it)? And its also got a couple of smalls dents on the top left and right corners.
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Thanks everyone for help. I've just uploaded it onto eBay with my mums account - Selling it with nintendogs aswell :p Hopefully I'm going to get £50-£65

EDIT: Hm got to decide whether to get black or white
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I did some research and I found this Theres one for the white one as well. So far the black has interested me slightly more but I'm still on the fence.

Oh and on that link said for description -

"NDS lite high grade silicone skin - Black.
Protect your Sony NDS lite from the elements with this skin tight silicone protective skin and screen protector. Silicone skin prevents scratches, chips and finger prints from accumulating on the NDS lite. " :lol:
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i think that it sux that nintendo came out with the ds lite right after the regular ds. i got the regular one, and it feels like nintendo just screwed me....
The original DS was out for ages so it wasnt right after, and im not being mean but you should have researched before you bought the product.
Ds lite is much better IMO .. only thing bad about it is that the GBA carts stick out rather that being flush with teh system
Like i have said before, if you can afford to then why not ?