Should I trade up my DS?


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Apr 6, 2009
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The new release of the DSi is very tempting. I already have a Nintendo DS Lite and am unsure if I should sell this one to get the new one.
Is it worth it and has anyone bought the DSi yet?

Thank you for any feedback
So very worth. If you won't miss GBA games, do it. The camera is way too much fun!
I don't play portable games often so i won't buy the dsi because its new besides I like my gameboy games
We already have a ton of DSi topics, but... eh. Too lazy to search for them.

You cant play gba games on it?

Correct, you can't. There's no GBA slot anymore, so if you still play GBA games, getting the DSi is a bad idea.

I don't play portable games often so i won't buy the dsi because its new besides I like my gameboy games

Like Daville mentioned, don't get the DSi if you still play GBA games. If you don't anymore though, feel free to. Just trade in a bunch of old games (like GBA games :p)/have a ton of cash and your DS lite, and you're set. DSi >>>> DSlite
Oh I'm buyin one. Then I'mah make sweet sweet love to it. Gotta find my Barry White CDs to set the mood. :ihih:
If you find yourself taking your DS Lite and Digital Camera out with you, buy a DSi.

However, the DSi camera will more probably not compare to the digital camera's camera.
I just dont see the appeal of the DSi. The camera quality is shocking, the lack of GBA slot bothers me, and I've heard the battery life suffers. The ONLY advantage as far as I'm concerned is the larger screens, but that just isnt worth the extra £50.

Once they start releasing better downloadable games, and DSi exclusive games, then I may be tempted.
The battery life is relative - you can set the screen super bright and wear the battery down quickly, or you can keep it fairly dark and the battery will last up to 14 hrs (although that is very dark). It's very easy to adjust brightness without exiting your game, just hold Select and use the volume control to go up or down. I like that you can make it really bright when you're in the car and there's too much glare, or turn it way down when in a dark room.

I really didn't think the bigger/brighter screen would look any different but I love it, my old games look brand new again! My screen protector on the DS Lite was pretty scratched up, but still. I'm seeing background details I never noticed before!

The camera is little more than a toy, it's cute but I probably won't use it much (although I like seeing my personal pics pop up when I turn on the machine). Same for the music player feature, that's what my iPod is for. I like the nicer speakers though! They do sound a LOT better.

I never surfed the web on my DS Lite, and I don't have a smartphone, so I'm really blown away by the internet capabilities of the DSi. The browser is free, and it can load more sites than I expected. No flash player, but still - I can check my email, the weather, play sudoku, twitter, shop, etc. The interface is really easy & intuitive and I seriously can't put it down.

There isn't much DSiWare out there yet, true. You get 1000 free points for shopping if you buy the DSi before July (you don't have to use the points by July though, you can wait) so that's like $10 free. I'm not so critical of game quality when they're free, lol. But so far I got Aquia and it is a fun puzzler.

I traded in my old DS Lite at Gamestop for $70, plus brought in some old Wii and DS games so I wound up spending around $75 total. I'm VERY glad I did, I love it!!!
its worth it by far because for one ur eventually gonna get it if u like nintendo because there gonna start realeasing ds only games tht usilize the camera the online store will be huge once they have added games to it so it out weights the one things tht hold most people back which is no gba