Japanese devs delighted with Sony motion control because of Wii games port possibilit


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Feb 7, 2007
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I don't know if I should put this info under "gaming" or under the "Hardware" but apparently Sony is releasing their new motion controller, it looks like the Wii games can be ported to the PS3's.

heres the artical and the link Japanese devs delighted with Sony motion control because of Wii games port possibility?

Don't look now, but it just might be possible for us to see Wii games ported to the PS3 - if Japanese developers are to have their way, and thanks to Sony's motion controller. Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi (of Resident Evil 5 fame) divulged this information in an interview with 1Up, leading up to the TGS.

Said Takeuchi-san, "Speaking to other developers in Japan, I've heard a few of them say they were delighted by the Sony motion controller because they can just port over their Wii titles to the PS3." We would just rather presume, of course, that if and when they do port their wares from the Wii to the PS3, they'll brush it up real nice.

And so we are here, nearing the day when we will see those "fad games" that Wii non-believers have been looking down upon, getting ready to make that inevitable dash to the "real console". Oh, the irony.
*raises hand
i wouldn't. i'd rather smash every copy of COD that exists rather then play any of them

on topic: this one of those good news and bad news situations.
Good News=PS3 gets some of the better Wii games(if Nintendo will share the ones they have rights to)
Bad News=The Wii just lost half of its exclusives as they just became multi-platform
Coming soon to PS3 loads of shitty games

Maybe a Madworld port?
Who wouldn't want to try Call of Duty in HD w/ motion controls?
Reaches toward the heavens.
Theres to many shooters as it is