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Dec 8, 2007
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...going along with Celeste's idea...

What does everyone do for a living? Do you like doing what you do?
Is it your dream job? If not, then what is your dream job?

I'm unemployed atm, but my dream job would probably be a professional Luthier. (stringed instrument builder) It's something I've wanted to do ever since I started playing the guitar.
I work at my town's public library. At my position, all you do is put books, CDs, DVDs, etc away and that's about it. It's only a 2 hour shift at minimum wage, and I finish within an hour usually, so I'm left just standing there doing whatever. It's extremely boring, and when I turn 16 this year, I'm getting the hell out of there.

As for my dream job, I'd like to someday be a police officer.
Im a jobless fecker

And I probably will stay as such till this country gets its head round that theres people out side there door that needs work more than people across the sea
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I think everyone and their brother knows what my dream job(s) are by now.

For right now, I'm looking for a part-time receptionist/admin assistant gig. That's pretty much the ideal actually attainable type of thing a full time student can do. I had a full time job of that sort from August to November and quite liked it. Surfed the interwebs all day and looked cute doing so, all for $14/hour.
Also currently unemployed. I've never really decided what career to go into, although I'm thinking about going into teaching.
Apart from the title of "to rich for his own good" I also am yet to decide on a realistic job that id want
Jobless c**t here as well.

Dream dream job would be a professional footballer. I'm not even going to apologise.

Realistically, I have no idea.

I might just f**k it and go in the army.
I currently work as a computer technician in a school district.

I love my job and enjoy it everyday. Computers are what I'm going to study in college as well. I hope to continue working with them for the rest of my life.
Currently working at Tim Hortons, not a bad job at all. Dream job?..No..but out of everyone working there currently I see myself staying there all my life :lol:

I'd love to write sports stories for newspapers or something of that nature. And obviously start a band and tour the world, I just have to find some friends with the same ambitions..they don't see that life is going to suck not being a band.
well... i'm in warehousing/storeman/dispatch personel.

i unload incomming freight, check it off and put it away, i pack orders that are picked up by a frieght company every 1 1/2 hours untill 2pm. then i pack out of town orders and organize freight companies for pickup by 3pm.

average number of orders that go out each day : slow day ~50 .. busy day is anywhere from ~65-120

i could use a hand tho :(

edit: amount of con-note books that we go through on a 2 month basis.. this is only for 1 freight comany
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I work in the accounting department of a college. Unfortunately I am not located at the college site. They ran out of office space, and the first people they evicted was the accounts department. The local council is pretty much anti-development and is making it difficult for the college to get approval to build more office space for us.

I enjoy the work. It's really a great job. Great environment, great people in my department. And sometimes I really am glad I don't have to deal with the politics at the college site.

I am at Uni, planning to graduate with a degree in Law. Still got between 4-5 years to go, and hopefully I'll be able to do that while working at the college. It's great experience. At the moment there's a lot of legal issues that I find very interesting, although I don't get to personally deal with them obviously. Doesn't make it any less interesting.
I work as a field research assistant at my college, but due to the weather I haven't been able to work in over a month.

I basically shovel dirt into a hole.
I've never had a job and I need some voluntary work to make me not look half as lazy. I can't get a job right now because no one would let me off for like a two month holiday in the summer, so definitely after that.
I work at a Kroger store at the one hour photo department. I print peoples pictures and then get bitched at because they suck at keeping the camera steady, because the flash of the camera caused the subjects face to get washed out, or because they have the wrong light setting turned on and everything has a yellow hue to it. My favorite line is "This isn't what I saw when I took the picture. Make it look how I saw it!" I'll get right on that. First let me rip open your head and take a look at how YOU saw the image. However 90% of the customers are actually pretty pleasant (albeit no matter how many times you show them how to use the digital kiosks they need your help every time even though it tells you what to do on the screen!) Dream job? Hell no. It was fun at first when they had me do all the computer work but dealing with customers sucks.

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