Just a breif preview


Aug 6, 2006
Go to wii.com there are 3 tabs, videos fresh expeiences and what not, you can only see the pictures for 3 of them, but if you click refresh or catch it the first time you will see the picture they are using/going to use for Wii Video Player, its a mid-age guys with his mouth open and a girl is over his shoulder, (you only see him holding the nunchuk)

i dont know, with the lack of news since the GC these little things can help us get by:sick:
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go to regular: wii.com thats all you type in the address bar it routes you to nintendo.com/wii or is it wii.nintendo.com
What is up there? I go every week there and it has not been upgraded since... can you tell me?
How can you tell it's the Wii Video Player?
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while the page is loading, it goes past pictures, and 1 of them is a guy and girl for the video player, but after it gets set, you wont be able to see the picture again unless you refresh
oh, i see now. how do u kno its for video player?

first theres 5 pictures, and the picture u say, the guy is holding the nunchuck attatchment. what makes u think thats the video player?
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no after the page loads you cant see the picture again, i figure they preloaded the pic when they made it..