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Jun 16, 2006
Just a request really, please can you stop simply posting blurb from every game you come across, it was okay once or twice but scanning down I see 5 threads all simply saying "For fans of this genre, there's <enter game> and here's everything I know about it". You could take everything you've posted and it would fit neatly into ONE thread.
Again with this stupid threads!! this is off-topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLZ close this damn thread
Lord Haku isn't doing anything wrong, he isn''t breaking any rules.

And if you want to tell hiim something like this, it is much better to PM him.
What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you idiot tareo what wrong about trying to inform people about games? It is such a crime to post a game information on the forum for nitndo wii gaming, anyway arcadium is right don't put this an off topic on a wii gaming forum take a page from the Lord you loser.
I hate people that hate people
but if some one has some info that some people dont know its best some one post it
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FFS...Haku how old are you man, at least try to act mature, all I said was that you could take all of these threads you're making and then turn them into a continuously updated informative thread that people would keep coming back to as a synopsis list of the cool games. 45% of the threads on the front page are by you, posting ~3-4 lines each time about a random game.

Now you're right, the people who are against me, this is off topic and Haku's are technically on topic, I just wanted to suggest that you put them all in one, you would then have 1 thread high up on the first page rather than 9 spread out across the page allowing 8 more topics by other people to be viewable on the first page. Sheesh.

P.S I know you may be excited about the games but please, it only takes a minute to spellcheck [Yes I know you'll probably say "But this isn't my first language n00b" or something to that effect, nice way to open up your reply calling me an idiot by the way, makes you seem mature no seriously. You obviously have some command of the English language but there's really no excuse for miss spelling Nintendo]


We can consider this thread closed then as it's off topic but Haku go ahead and post again, I'd hate to look like I'm cutting you off.
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