Lost repair # - Paid for by VISA - Nintendo ignoring me


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Jan 29, 2007
Got the dreaded Unable to Read Disc Error all of the sudden for my Wii.

Went through the online repair process, everything was smooth, got a repair # and confirmation. BUT, everything is lost like it didn't happen. First of all, I have no idea how an organization like Nintendo could do a SECURE transaction with a VISA and then LOSE the information somehow? WTF??? I paid $100 in total including shipping.

Worst of all now is when I call them the auto-voice mail, loops me back after selecting "repairs" or whatever.

Now all my emails from Nintendo are being ignored.

I am seriously getting pissed at this situation, I just bought Sports Resort, a second WMP, and Grand Slam Tennis, all just collecting dust.

I hear good things about support, so why is this happening?