LoZ Walk of Shame??


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Aug 20, 2006
Stanton, CA
i guess someone had time to make fun of OoT.
post any other videos that make fun of LoZ.
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Wow, that was terrible, and not the making fun of LoZ. I mean that was terrible, that shouldn't even be called a diss, I mean that sucked bad.
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found it, its funny!!!! the return of ganondorf[MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSmhWrrLqcU[/MEDIA]
yeah i thought the first one was nicely done. sorry to those who take offence at that.

i mean i really really really feel sorry for you guys.
I liked the first one just a couple one liners that were so stupid they were good

hahahahaha you head is shaped like a diamond
hahahahaha my shirt is red
Link: I hate you guys
Both Of Theose Were Funny!
I Liked The Ganondorf One..."Lets Do the Chicken Dance!"
LOL!:lol: Sry guys, when I watched the 1st one my sound wasn't working and the vid was only funny because of wut was said. The 1st was mega time hilarious! The 2nd was...eh..