yes ganon is in dah haos!

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
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;) what a covincidense well i was at the norwegian nintendo forum and there was a very wierd post about that link's voice was different in twilight princes:tard: and there was guy that posted a link with a place where u could read about famous people! and in the link there was links voice guy and next to links voice guy there was ganons voice guy and under the he's profile there was all the movies and games he had his voice in and there was:

loZ:eek:ot, as ganondorf
loZ: TP as ganondorf!!! yaya i just love ganon :D
am i gay:confused:
Link's voice has to be different, he had to go through puberty, in OoT and Majoras Mask he sounded like a chick: HHEEEYAH!
Right, he's matured and obviously gotten alot cooler as seen in the screenshots...
Arcadium said:
why does link never talks? anyway, good news have ganon :)
nobody ever really talks. but link really doesnt because in a lot of games, the character you play doesnt talk. maybe you will be able to with the mic.