Mario Kart Chracters


Jul 29, 2006
Wii Online Code
Ok well the story begins when i was playing online with mario kart and I saw the most weirdest chracter it was a robot like jetson (The old cartoon you know) style and and it owned all of us has any got any ideas about this chracter i have never seen or heard of this character before so yeah does any have any idea?
How were u playing online? If it was Project 64 then it is possible that it could have been a hacked thing. ALthough im not sure as im not a hacker expert dude. But ive never heard of something like that so yeah, lol.
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Dude it was the DS version thats why it is in the ds section silly
Woopsi! My bad, u see i never read the section as im always clicking new posts, therefore not looking at the section. Lol my bad, but still.... Ive never heard of such a thing and maybe, somehow maybe, some guy hacked the DS somehow. I dunno, pretty random. Also, were u smoking anything while playing this mario Kart? :lol:
yeah the robot you saw was a unlockable char from the game his name is rob (some people call him robbles i think) i dont know much about where is from but wikipedia says he has something to do near the making of the nintendo company or osmehting or another he is a good char in the DS mariokart tho :p, there is also dry bones, and there was nintendo DS hacks to play all of the courses online :p and to have more than 3 opponents but i have not figured those hacks out lol, but the robot isnt a hack haha, just an unlockable along with many other karts by playing the one player mode
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no i save the magic for starfox lol nah yeah it im confuzzled