Metroid Prime 3 Graphics

yeah i definitely think that metroid prime on wii is gonna completely own
its gonna be by far the best fps out for wii, and it shows signs of doing for wii, what halo did for xbox. I CANT WAIT FOR ONLINE PLAY, especially for metroid, and im hoping like hell that there is a lobby feature, and a headset so i can tell n00bs when i pwn them. hahahha
does anybody have any updates on the online play?
ny of u guys watch pure pwnage?
i hope there's an episode where jeremy pwns on wii, that would be crazy!
Rail.X said:
Hi Guys,
This is my first post here, so g'day to all from the Land Down Under. Anywho, many people think I am mad when I say this, but I just cannot seem to find myself immersed in the Metroid Prime games. I loved the 2D games, and played through the first MP title, but just couldn't find myself enjoying it enough to warrant looking at the sequel. I played through about 5 hours of MP: Hunters on DS but found it kinda tedious.

Am I the only person who has not overly enjoyed this franchise/ it's current incarnation?


I have to agree with you. I just have never been immersed in the Metroid Prime games like the other franchises. But I am not saying that this game will be unsuccsessful, I am just not as hyped up as much.
10 days?
im pretty sure it comes out on Jan 1
is taht different in scotland?
if so, tell me how it is

this game looks and plays half as good as the previous primes, it will be worth the price of admission.

rich-69-50 said:
the graphics are twice as good as the gamecube? jeez i thought you couldnt get any better then metroid prime echoes!!:) :) :)

graphics. a misconception. The system has twice the resorces. its still up to the devs what they do with those texture files that are twice the size. Graphics for a system come down to the graphics code, and shader code. Look at zelda tp, a gamecube game. Thats some sexy texturing and those textures are beautiful no matter what system they would be on.

Think of a console as a empty vase. We dont say flowers are pritty based off of how many a vase can hold, yet we say a game has good graphics becuse of the system... and this is almost alwayse wrong. Its the game and almost the game alone that is beautiful. I still think LoZ link to the past is a beautiful game, and it only had tiny sprites and ran at 320 240.
I don't care what the graphics are like i would just be happy to be able to ****ing play it now.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the graphics on the Wii did take a huge leap. The only reason we aren't seeing any improvements in graphics is because the games were slightly rushed and the main focus for developers was the controller and gameplay. But I think eventually, when developers are given more time to worry about graphics, I think they can bring out the full potential of the Wii.

After all, the Wii does have a pretty powerful GPU, about equal to a x800.

So, as I say again, please correct me if I'm wrong.
I think the problem now is they make one graphical versions for two different Nintendo consolses. Then they change the controll features for the wii.
Once gamecube games phase out I think they will start pushing the graphics more.