Metroid prime corruption is now available for Reserve

mushroomedmario said:
2 things wrong with that it's ridley not ripley, and the other is bowser jr...however this is a rumour that someone made up......your too gullible, wikipedia has all the info

Speaking of gullible: Wikipedia is not a reliable source for anything.
Skorp said:
I went to Babbages today and the guy said today was the first day they started taking reserves. He said its scheduled to release on August 1st!

i think thats just a generic date... my gamestop lady said it'd probably be different, still earlier than i thoght we would get it
haha if you preorder the first day it was 5 dollars at gamestop/ebgames. now its 10!! haha.

crazy stuff. but its gonna be so bomb. i think its gonna come out around the same time killzone 2 does for ps3.
^^Doesnt the preorder go towards your purchase anyway? eg youll now have to pay $40 at release instead of 45.
remember the interview that was put up on ign with miyamoto, it said that the people who played it thought it had controls just as good as pc controls, that would be MAD. hopefully it comes out soon
^Yeah! I remember reading about that in GameInformer. The first time they played it they were very unimpressed and they thought that Corruption was going to bomb. The team was then invited to come back and try it again. Apparently they created a gaming format: 'expert mode,' that provided easier turning, strafing and aiming. They were completely shocked in the change and concluded that that one change was going to change the game from bombing to being one of the best fps's of its time.

I cant wait!
I just called my local EB games. They told me that the release date for Mario Strikers Charged will be July 3rd.
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SWEET. yeah, it will be early july, thats what i have been hearing.. so june25online comes out.... less then 10 days later, strikers.. that works and best of all, i will be done with school. june25th it will be summer for me. i am happy its july, if it came out earlier like in june, i would have lost focus on school work and playing it online