Multiple concurrent posts (ie, spam)


Apr 30, 2006
Sorry guys but if you post multiples time in a thread 1 after an another than you're going to lose posting priviledges for x amount of days.

I've just spent the last 10minutes deleting many posts from masterchief-mario , as for whatever reason he decided to spam up a load of threads.

I dont understand why its happening? Just purely to boost the post count? If so i think that might need addressing - how can we get could thread discussions going with randomn posts in between.

"Hi guys"
"like this pic?"
"ooh this is fun"
"ok im done now"

etc, etc.

Anyway he has lost posting priviledges for 1 day.
Thats is sad, hope this does not continue after the lesson learnt.

I feel for you mastercheif
well if u dont say em I will do it, DIOMEDES was the one who did all the postings, 5 posting each one continued with the other
Im sorry, i have accidentaly repeated a thread about 3 times in last couple of days, im really sorry and now im going to check if a similar post has been posted before so i dont make the same mistake, sorry guys
I remeber when I kept posting all over the place now I just put all into one weeks worth of posting, iOn's has a good point though you can't posting threads like crazy otherwise whole sections of the forums will just belong to that person threads!