Nintendo and Opera Browser to combine Forces!!!


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May 23, 2006
Now I have been a MASSIVE Nintendo fan since it came out! Having owned numerous consoles, it was almost unavoidable the excitement I was going to experience when they announced the up and coming launch of the Wii (previously named revolution)... Now that in itself was BIG news to me, let alone also announcing that they were also launching it with OPERA as the browser!!! Press release

Nintendo has to be indisputably the most advanced gaming company out there. Always first with the most up to date consoles/ software - It leaves the rest of the market working extremely hard trying to catch up, let alone developing superior products. And Nintendo choosing OPERA as their browser, will hopefully put Opera where they belong in the software world.

But first, I am really looking forward the the launch of the DS Lite - Again, OPERA is available which is GREAT news. I will OF COURSE be buying it and the OPERA cartridge. The DS Lite boast Wi-fi and is one third smaller than the current DS. It is also very affordable and come June, I'll have one in my handbag, just like the little nerd I am!!! ha ha! I have to say though, they do look incredibly slick!!!
i just read up on opera through that link, and i have to that is really cool!, but how do u type urls without spending ages picking letters :(
That's what I was wondering. What good is a browser without a decent input interface. Yeah, you could probably browse pretty easily, but...
:cool: opera is a really stable browser, i ran it extensively on my old pc under beos.
it's one of the fastest browsers, multi threaded and fully Java compliant.