Nintendo = Rareless! =[


Aug 6, 2006
So since Rare is owned by Microsoft we can bet we won't see the good games for n64 on the virtual console (Sorry if this was posted before)
The best games like Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, and Banjo Kazooie, we won't see =[ Right, I didn't mention Goldeneye, beacuse theres still a chance for it!! EA owns rights to 007 video games, so maybe they could get it on the virtual console, but many great games...oh yah, Donkey Kongs are i really care..
Ik worried abut donkey kong, I would hate to see Donkeykong on Xbox!!!!!
Please someone tell me nintendo can still have Donkeykong games!!!!!!!!!!!
You know this for fact!?

Wouldn't Nintendo while not technically owning the game still own the rights to license the game? After all you're taking the same information and just changing media...I mean if it were making a NEW sequel to a Rare game I would understand the problems...
I don't see why Nintendo can't but the old DK games on the VC they own the rights to them and i heard Rare can still make games for Nintendo handhelds since Microsoft is not in that market. I also heard there is supposed to be a new Diddy Knog Racing for the DS.
No conquer is the worst problem. That game had the best multiplayer ever. And the game was hillarious. That wouldve been the first game that I would download for VC. Good thing I still have 64 - maybe i could pick up a copy of conquers bad fur day at a game swap store. . .
Donkey Kong games are owned by nintendo, remember it was the first gamem in which mario appeared (jumpman) to save Pauline (no peach) and it was created by nintendo... although it was developed by RARE but it was owned by nintendo (the rights) so dont worry about
yeah, i think they have already finished making the diddy kong racing for ds, it looks ok but i think that the 64 version looked better. There are all these new characters and stuff on the ds one. I saw in a magazine.

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