Nintendo Weekend Warrior - on a pedometer, motion-sensors, and a lie detector


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Feb 7, 2007
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With Sony and Microsoft making such big headliners back in E3, the aftermath has left Nintendo a bit unsung. Worry not though, that's what the Weekend Warrior is for, so you can get a quick recap of all things Nintendo that hit the scene this week. Hardware is the name of the game for the past few days, and so we have a one for a pedometer, motion-sensors, and a lie detector.


* Let's start today's roll with one of gaming's well-loved franchises - Metroid. According to Reggie Fils-Aime, Samus Aran's new adventures in Metroid: Other M, will be a traditional Metroid game and fans will be glad to know that the game will be not be bastardized with odd twists and tweaks. Link


* Whoever thought that a gaming peripheral can actually serve as a lie detector? Apparently, the Wii Vitality Sensor not only "provide information to the users about the body's inner world," it can also measure fluctuations in the electrical conductivity of skin - much like in polygraphs. Link
* Been there, done that - that seems to be what Satoru implied when he said that they were developing a motion-sensing camera. Describing the Wii-forte of motion control as now an industry standard, Iwata-san welcomes the new competition that Sony and Microsoft will both be bringing with their respective motion machines. Link
* Even Michael Pachter gets on the Wii-boat this week. According to the Wedbush Morgan analyst, Project Natal and the PS3 MC won't topple the Wii. Big claim for him again, especially after seeing what Microsoft and Sony showed the world back at E3. Link
* Despite their casual gamer market, Nintendo is not giving up on securing the core gamers. In fact, they're going as far as claiming that they can win the Halo market. Link
* Remember the old Pokemon Pedometer (that's peDOmeter, not PEdometer) for Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal games? With the upcoming Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes, the pedometer will also get a renamed remake, now to come as the PokeWalker. Link

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